Tiny Plant Interviews- Hannah Hamilton

Hannah's "perfectly splendid" Instagram is a must-follow if you well....love plants and photos that make you feel good. Her collection of plants is one to envy. Take a peek at her pictures and you'll see why her 6,000+ followers love her!

When did you become interested in plants?

Right before I graduated high school in 2016.

How many plants do you have?

Over 150.

What is your favorite plant?


What advice do you have for a new plant parent?

Grow lights! Even if you think you don't need them. They have changed my plant mom ways!

What do people say when you tell them you’re into plants?


They are fascinated and usually ask what plants they should try.

Do you have any memorable moments?


Finding some great plants at big box stores and meeting plant friends.

If you had to gift any plant, what would it be?

A peace lily or an orchid.

What are your favorite plant products?

Grow lights!

Do you have any unique plant routines? (Morning plant person or night?)

I water my plants when they tell me they need water. I don't have a schedule.

What’s your favorite part of plant parenthood? 

Watching the new growth on plants and continuing to learn. You never know everything about plants.

Where can people follow along on your plant journey?

@justaplantmom on Instagram.

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