Tiny Plant Interviews- Brooke Bartlett


I recently met Brooke when we did a pop-up together at Not Just Coffee in Charlotte! She is so nice and recently started selling the cutest painted pots. At our pop-up, she not only sold so many of her pots, but also was also the perfect honorary Tiny Plant Market salesperson! It was obvious she's a dedicated plant parent and I'm happy she agreed to answer a few questions for us!


When did you become interested in plants? - about 3 years ago!🌱


60-70 I haven't counted in a while 


What is your favorite plant? 


Definitely my Hoya Thomsonii or my Anthurium Vittarofollium but it changes daily 🤩


What advice do you have for a new plant parents

My top tip for new plant parents is

read👏a👏lot👏! You can learn soooo much from the many free resources and you can buy amazing books. It's important to know that plant care is not the same for every plant. Your care routine for one plant will likely be drastically different from another depending on what plants they are. So read and learn as much as you can about the plant you have & what its natural conditions are in the wild!


What do people say when you tell them you’re into plants?

Usually they tell me they have succulents in their kitchens too or just say "oh I kill all of my plants"😂

Do you have any memorable moments?


My most memorable plant moments I think are when two of my friends sent me cuttings of plants I was looking for ❤️🥺I heart this plant community


If you had to gift any plant, what would it be? 

If I give someone a plant I usually give them something like a scindapsus or Pothos that is low maintenance but if I had to give something from my own collection, I would say maybe one of my big big monstera.


What are your favorite plant products?


I definitely love pots and planters 😉😂 but I really love some trellises too. I recently bought a grow light but I need to play around with it. I also ordered PureCrop1 to try! 

What’s your favorite part of plant parenthood?


What I enjoy most about being a plant parent is definitely two things. 

    1. I love watching new life grow before my eyes every new leaf and flower, it's an amazing feeling to care for something so delicate and beautiful.

    2. I love love love teaching people and helping people understand how to care for their plants!


Do you have any unique plant routines? (Morning plant person or night?)

I typically just see where each of my babes is at to decide when to water, if it's getting too much/too little light. I do bring some of my plants that enjoy humidity into the bathroom when I shower to soak up all the steam ✨

Where can people follow along on your plant journey?

I post daily pictures/ funny stuff and tips on my stories and feed on my Instagram @brookesplants



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