Tiny Plant Interviews- Steph Danyluk

 I've never met Steph in person but her friendly smile and amazing collection of plants, makes her someone you want to get to know! She really shows that despite knowing nothing about a person, you can still connect with people through plants and your plant parenthood journey.

When did you become interested in plants?

I have always been into plants, but it really took off when my husband and I bought our house in 2019 because we finally had natural light and space to decorate with plants, as well as a yard to start gardening.

How many plants do you have?

Around 70? I haven’t actually counted since last summer. 

What is your favorite plant?


Such a hard question! But probably scindapsus pictus exotica or argyraeus since i have multiple of each.

What advice do you have for a new plant parent?


Forgive yourself when you make a mistake. Plant parenthood is a journey, and you won’t always get it right but the most important thing is that you learn from your mishaps.

What do people say when you tell them you’re into plants?

Usually people ask me for plant care advice.

Do you have any memorable moments?

The look on my husbands face when I first told him that I bought a plant with two leaves for $100 (it was a ppp- Pink Princess Philodendron).

If you had to gift any plant, what would it be?

Probably a heart leaf philodendron. I think they’re the perfect plants for both starters and experts.

What are your favorite plant products?

I don’t use that many commercial products to be honest. I mix my own soil and make my own moss poles, and I thrift a lot of my planters. Does rain water count? 

Do you have any unique plant routines? (Morning plant person or night?)

In the mornings I check all the plants in my greenhouse for new growth. Otherwise Wednesday is my big plant care day. I do all of the watering, wiping down leaves, and checking for pests on Wednesday’s.

What’s your favorite part of plant parenthood? 

Probably connecting with other plant people! The plant community is so kind and supportive.

Where can people follow along on your plant journey?

I started a plantstagram last summer! Follow me @so_fresh_so_green_

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