Retailer Spotlight: BotaniGal

In February, I received a wholesale order from a shop with the cutest name; BotaniGal. The owner, Hannah, told me she was buying inventory for her future brick and mortar plant shop, which I thought was so cool. But it’s not a shot in the dark- she already has a successful plant business, full of weekly restocks and stunning varieties. Here, Hannah gives a little insight on what it’s like owning a plant business and her best plant care tips.

Tell us a little bit about your business!

I started BotaniGal in September 2020 selling houseplants and providing horticulture therapy classes to the community inside a vendor market. We carry a wide range of houseplants ranging from common everyday plants to the rare and collectable plants. I conduct classes which are used to help connect people and plants. I design the classes so customers can reap the mental and physical benefits of working with plants.

What inspired you to start your own business?

BotaniGal was a pandemic project, due to the COVID-19 pandemic I had a lot of free time.  Shortly after college, I came up with the name “BotaniGal” but at the time I wasn’t ready to do my own thing. I always knew I wanted to own my own business, but up until recently I was scared to take the leap. Overall, I think it was the pandemic that really pushed me to start BotaniGal. It really put things into perspective and showed me what is important in life.

What’s your favorite part of having your own business?

Being my own boss and the freedom! I have also absolutely loved watching my business change and grow over time. It has been so fun! The feeling of building a brand that people love to come to can’t be described. 

Best plant care advice?

Stop watering your plants! Overwatering aka to much love is the number one cause of houseplant death. Also, I don’t like watering schedules. As plants grow and seasons change plants change too. One set watering schedule could lead to over or underwatering.


What advice you would give to someone who wants to start their own plant business?

Do it! Don’t think twice. Also, finding reliable reputable sources for plants is everything. Do your research and make sure you are getting quality plants. Find a niche, something that makes you different than other houseplant stores. 

Favorite and Least Favorite plant?

My favorite plant is hoya imbricata or clemensiorum (it’s a tie, don’t make me pick lol). My least favorite plant is calathea white fusion. They are impossible to keep happy in my house. If you know, you know haha!

Favorite purchase within the last month?

I recently bought the cutest slip-on vans with tropical plants on them. I have worn them almost every day since I bought them.

Want to learn more about Hannah and BotaniGal?

You can find Hannah and BotaniGal online at her website or on Instagram .

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