12 Best Galentine’s Day Gifts for 2022

It’s been a rough few years and treating those you love is extra important lately. Who better to celebrate than our favorite ladies on Galentine’s Day?

I’ve come up with a few of my favorite gifts that your girl friends are sure to love and appreciate.

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1. Variegated Monstera Art Print

If your friends love color and plants, anything Nadia Hassan is a great choice! Nadia Hassan creates the most beautiful houseplant collection that can’t die if forgotten about. She also makes the highly coveted Houseplant Calendars and I think there’s still time to grab one for 2022!

2. Alocasia Acrylic Keychain

This keychain is one of our best sellers and would make the perfect little gift for a friend. They’re super fun and lightweight, making it an easy gift that can ship right to your friend’s door.

3. Ivy May Potting Soil

Finding the right soil mixture can be difficult, especially if you’re a plant beginner. IvyMay soil is ready-to-use and has the cutest packaging. And if you’re in need of some soil, grab a bag for yourself.

4. Monstera Earrings by Pencil & Pines

Ashley from Pencil & Pines creates the loveliest, handmade Monstera Deliciosa earrings. They make the perfect gift for any plant lady in your life. She hold sales through her instagram and you won’t want to miss them!

5. Cardigan Candle from Scent Workshop

This one isn’t plant necessarily related, but it’s bee one of my go-to gifts lately. The candle gods at Scent Workshop have created one of the best smelling candles to ever exist and the name is fitting for what it is-sweet and comforting. Perfect for treating your friends with.

6. Live Lithops

This one is for you brave souls who want to gift something LIVE. I ordered these Lithops a while ago and was so pleased! Some call them troll butts, but I call them adorable!

7. Plant Sticker Pack

Stickers are a small and easy way to make someone smile. That’s one of the reasons I love creating them! Shop a variety of plant stickers and give them to your plant loving bestie.

8. Little Book Big Plants

This book may be tiny but is full of great information for beginner plant parents. It’s a small book, so a great little gift for your girl friend who is starting her plant parenthood journey.

9. The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney

I picked this up at a local library in Florida and had so much fun flipping through all of the colorful and beautiful homes. There’s so much home inspiration but also a few DIY project that you can try for yourself.

10. Plant Socks

I mean, aren’t socks always useful?

11. Tufted Mini Wall Art

Photo by Adeline Wang

I somehow stumbled upon Adeline Wang’s tufted mini masterpieces and have been in love ever since. She creates the most magical pieces that anyone who loves vibrant colors and unique works of art, will adore.

12. Plant Mom Mega Mug

Girl Tribe is one of my happy places, so it’s no surprise you can find gifts for plant lovers. This mega mug is adorable and useful!

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